Swimwear Shopping Tips and Resources

Already Pretty 5/27 5:28A Sally
Women s collective fear of swimwear shopping has become a cliche: Everyone knows that the average gal enjoys searching for a new bikini about as much as she enjoys major dental work. But if your old...

Reader Request: Keeping Inexpensive Shoes in Shape

Already Pretty 5/26 5:21A Sally
Reader Maegan e-mailed me this question: My budget is pretty tight, so I get a lot of my basic footwear (flats, pumps, boots and sandals) from Target, Payless, and Famous Footwear. I usually wear my...

Reader Request: Prioritizing Wardrobe Wants

Already Pretty 5/25 5:15A Sally
My fantastic client S. e-mailed me this question: I can see though that this will be a lifelong process and I will never “done.” There are many, many areas where I can continue to learn and evolve....

Consignment vs. Thrift: Knowing Your Options

Already Pretty 5/24 5:12A Sally
When it comes to my outfit posts , I tend to list anything that s been bought secondhand as thrifted, which isn t quite fair. Yes, items purchased at consignment shops are used and yes, I had to do...

The Spectrum

Already Pretty 5/23 5:03A Sally
Most messages that pertain to beauty describe a fixed point. Beautiful is a goal, a set of characteristics that must be held up and striven for, a way of being that is reserved for a select few....

On Nudity

Already Pretty 5/22 4:55A Sally
Before I dig into this topic, I want to provide a quick reminder: I don t write about style because I think I have all the answers or because I think I know better than you or Stacy London or other...

Reader Request: Unexpected Proportions

Already Pretty 5/21 4:43A Sally
Cee popped this question into the suggestion box: It would be wonderful if you could address issues about dressing unusual combinations. For example, broad shoulders and a small bust, or a larger...

How to Style Printed Shoes

Already Pretty 5/20 4:37A Sally
I ve been drooling over the various printed shoes and sandals that are flooding the shops this season, and since the amazing folks at ideeli  were kind enough to send me a pair of pumps from Desigual...

Reader Request: Price Versus Value

Already Pretty 5/19 4:37A Sally
Elly made this request in a comment: it would also be good to hear your thoughts on price point versus value explored more. I wouldn’t buy a £14 dress from Primark, but I would buy a £40 dress from...

Reader Request: Internal Style Conflicts

Already Pretty 5/18 4:27A Sally
Reader Sarah e-mailed this request to me: I m short and small-boned and hourglass-shaped, and I can find lots of advice for dressing that body type (full skirts, v-necks, nipped waists, tailored...

Clothing Moves

Already Pretty 5/17 4:17A Sally
Two of the most common questions I get on my outfit posts are as follows: There are no belt loops on that skirt. How do you keep your belt in place? How do you keep your scarf from shifting around?...

Reader Request: Flattering a Large Ribcage

Already Pretty 5/16 4:12A Sally
Reader L e-mailed me this question: I know this might be a question that applies to a lot of people, but in case it s useful info, my specific body is like this: I m about 5 7 , and I weigh somewhere...

What Flattering Means to Me

Already Pretty 5/15 4:06A Sally
I talk a lot about traditional figure flattery. In no small part because that s what you folks tell me interests you, and because the questions you have are typically very specific and include topics...

How to Curb Impulse Buys

Already Pretty 5/14 4:02A Sally
I love to shop. You may have gathered this about me. I also love to thrift, and have spent many a pleasant afternoon scouring the racks of my local secondhand emporiums. I love clothes and feeling...

Reader Request: Combining Colors

Already Pretty 5/13 3:57A Sally
Lisa asked for favorite colour combos and some tips on how to combine colours in unusual ways, and as a self-proclaimed color fanatic, I m happy to oblige! But first, a confession: I cheat. Although I...
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