The housing near University of Minnesota provides students with the ability to retain independence without leaving behind all of the conveniences and comforts of home. With many buildings providing fully furnished suites, and offering special pricing for academic year rates, students often find the hunt for rentals near the University quite easy. The University of Minnesota states:


“We prepare students to meet the great challenges facing our state, our nation, and our world. As a U of M student you'll engage with your professors and fellow students from the very beginning. And you'll develop your strengths with beyond-the-classroom experiences.”


While the University provides plenty of room for growth and experience during studies, parents often worry about living arrangements while youth are away from home. Fortunately, housing near University of Minnesota is known to be safe, with many security features in place for each building.


Away From School


Students seeking housing in this area can also enjoy all that the city has to offer by exploring work opportunities and enjoying extracurricular activities outside of their studies. Minnesota is known for its business hub, and many companies offer those who rent within the city while attending school the opportunity to intern or apply for positions. Explore Minnesota advises:


“Minnesota is a place where business and unique venues intersect! Home to 19 Fortune 500 companies and 33 Fortune 1,000 companies, Minnesota knows how to treat business. And - Minnesota offers easily-accessible, distinctive spaces, exceptional culture and top-notch natural assets, which groups can enjoy again and again.”


For those students more interested in how their living arrangements can help them socially and educationally away from school there is access to local libraries, sports fields, community parks, and more.


Student-Friendly Amenities


Aside from the student academic year rates and fully furnished housing, there are other amenities that make rentals near the University more appealing than others. Wood style flooring, lots of natural light, modern appliances, included high speed internet, and in-suite washers and dryers will help keep you with more than enough clean clothes and computer research for a successful school year.


Rooftop decks, tanning, saunas, hot tubs, outdoor fire pits, and 24 hour fitness studios also encourage socializing among students during weekend study breaks. For students working on group projects, some student housing sites now offer access to computer labs and conference style rooms for studying and other work.


Other Special Features


Some buildings even include on site retail so that students don’t need to leave the safety of their building property to get groceries or purchase clothing, while other units may allow pets. states:


“Some people say the city is no place to raise a dog. That they should be in the suburbs, running around yards, enjoying the great outdoors. But some metropolitan apartment complexes are making urban life all the more welcoming for four-legged residents.”


Having the companionship of a cat or dog around can be especially helpful to students who are studying far from home. It may also assist parents in feeling more at ease about the safety and wellbeing of their children while living away from home. If you do decide to rent a location with pet friendly regulations, be sure that you have enough space for your pet to live and play before signing the lease.


Local Hot Spots


Housing new University of Minnesota doesn’t just provide easy access to school, it also offers students the ability to be a short walk or drive from Van Cleve Park, Gold Medal Park, the TCF Bank Stadium, and the Williams Arena, among many other retail and entertainment venues. A variety of music venues and specialty shops also line the streets near the University of Minnesota, with buildings near Washington Avenue providing especially easy access to most external attractions.


Taking a drive through this neighborhood, visiting potential buildings, and calling to speak with management directly can greatly increase your chances of finding appropriate lodging for the school year. Rentals within walking distance to the school often fill up fast, and renters are encouraged to call early to book their walk through. Whether you plan to pay on a month to month basis, or for the entire academic year, housing near University of Minnesota offers something for every budget.

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