Minneapolis, Minnesota is known for its rich culture, unique architecture, and stylish living accommodations. Among the many neighborhoods in MN, Dinkytown is an up ad comer in terms of residential areas, and hosts some of the most luxurious units in a city which has recently gained a lot of attention for its livability and outdoor activities. writes:


“In the publications April issue, on newsstands Friday, March 11, Minneapolis is lauded as the "Best Place to Live in a Big City Designed for Getting Outside" and the editors cite Minneapolis parks, Chain of Lakes, large biking community (#1 biking city in America, according to Bicycling Magazine), and numerous farmers markets as the reasons.”


Dinkytown apartments range in price, with a large selection being affordable, while some of the more luxurious units can be slightly more in cost. In many cases, the location within Dinkytown, the square footage, and the included amenities have a lot to do with the fees associated.


Living In Dinkytown


Renting units nearby popular venues and outdoor destinations can mean spending less on travel and other expenses. One thing that Dinkyville prides itself on is its link to the artistic community, which can be seen in the Imagine Art Studio & Gallery and other creative outlets. Dinkytown USA says:


“Throughout the decades Dinkytown has inspired many artists and has been a home to several arts and cultural organizations. Today, artists and musicians can still be found in Dinkytown contributing to it’s unique character. We are proud to offer a variety of arts and entertainment options in Dinkytown!”


Many units here also include artistic décor and offer brightly lit suites, pet friendly lodgings, and private balconies.


Student Life


Dinkytown isn’t only home to the Minnesota art scene, it is also a hot spot for students looking to rent during the academic year. Fortunately Dinkytown apartments are outfitted specifically to cater to this crowd, with fully furnished units, individually locking bedroom doors for privacy amongst roommates, and a variety of communal areas for study and recreation.


Check out virtual tours online, and lists of features and amenities to better understand which units are best for students. You will find that some include internet and cable, while others offer community learning centers, libraries, and computer rooms for students to study and learn off campus. In-suite laundry facilities and spacious storage areas make it easy to love your new rental without missing the conveniences of home.

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